Offshore Technology Conference • 1-4 May 2017 • NRG Park • Houston, Texas, USA

University R&D Showcase

OTC is providing universities the opportunity to share with the 2017 attendees their current and planned R&D projects relevant to offshore technology. Attendees can learn more about these projects during any of the four days of OTC. The location is NRG Center, Level 2, outside room 602

Monday, 1 May–Wednesday, 3 May: 0900–1700
Thursday, 4 May: 0900–1400

Monday, 1 May and Tuesday, 2 May

University of Texas at Austin
Multi-phase flow in Pipes and Wellbores

University of Oklahoma
Study of Human Factors in Drilling Operations: Enhancing Expert Containment, Decision Making, and Risk Communications

Penn State University Applied Research Lab
Development and Implementation of Advanced Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry

Texas A&M University GPRI
Energy Sustainability

The University of Tokyo
Latest Offshore Engineering R&D Projects in U-Tokyo

Wednesday, 3 May and Thursday, 4 May

Rice University
Offshore Structures for Power, Flow Assurance, CO2 Capture and other Offshore Technology Topics

Texas A&M University
Innovative Designs for Offshore and Coastal Projects

Oklahoma State University
Your Platform for Innovation - The Bert Cooper Engineering Laboratory at Oklahoma State University

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
A Closer Look to the Controlled Annular Mud Level Drilling Technique

Covenant University Ota
Offshore Pipeline Leak Inhibitor Tool

Louisiana State University
Petro Prophet: Oilfield Education

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